Selamat Menempuh Semester 2 2010/2011

Kepada semua pelajar Kejuruteraan Kimia USM Kampus Kejuruteraan, pihak kepimpinan ChESS dengan ini mengucapkan Selamat Datang ke semester baru sidang ini.
Diharapkan anda semua lebih bersemangat untuk belajar sambil memenuhkan ruang masa yang ada dengan pelbagai aktiviti terutamanya kelolaan ChESS sidang ini. Kami menantikan sokongan dan kerjasama dari anda semua!

Sekitar KiKEK 2010

Sekitar KiKEK 2010

Got First in NACES’ Technical PowerPoint® Presentation

The National Chemical Engineering Symposium, (NACES) is an annual event organised by the undergraduate students in Chemical Engineering in universities all over Malaysia.
This year, Universiti Teknologi MARA, UiTM was chosen as the host for NACES2010 under the theme of Green Technology. (copied from SCE Website here)

Chem-E-Car Competition (USM level)

Attention to all Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Student

Anyone who interested to join the Chem-E-Car Competition can send their name and other details to every year representative.

Some details bout the Chem-E-Car

- will be held on semester 2
- the winner will be represent USM to the national level (continue to the international level)
- 4 members in a group (can mix with other batch)
- will supervise by the technician and seniors

So all you need is to recruit your team member and start thinking the model and the chemical that you want to use.

Any inquiry can be sent to

Hazman 019-4524307
Fathul 017-6381805

Polls for ChESS Year Book

Bureau of Technical of Chemical Engineering Student Society is planning to make a year book especially for the students of Chemical Engineering. But we would love it if you could help us decide which of the following did you really want.

Please answer this poll as honest as you can. Any suggestions you can write in the comment column. You can only vote once, so vote wisely (you can choose more than one choice). Thanks in advance.

SChE T-Shirt Design

Back design

Front design

Welcome to ChESS

Welcome to USM's ChESS or Chemical Engineering Student Society blog. Feel free to comment anything that you want as long as it does not offend others (especially lecturers).